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What’s in my Bag: Vegan Birth Partner Edition

17th May 2017
Whats in my bag - Birthing Partner Edition

By the time you read this I could be an auntie. My sister is due to give birth to her 1st child any time now, or now, or maybe now. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. I’m honoured that she’s asked me to be her birth partner, alongside her fiancé. I’m also grateful that despite the fact I’ve never changed a dirty nappy in my life, she isn’t going to hold it against me. So exactly what does a vegan birth partner pack in their overnight bag, let’s see shall we.

Natural Birthing Aids

  1. Aromatherapy birthing blend – To use during labour as a therapeutic massage oil. – A synergistic blend of clary sage, rose absolute, jasmine, lavender and chamomile.
  2. Cooling facial mist – To use as a cooling and refreshing face spritz. – A combination of witch hazel, lavender water, rose-water and vegetable glycerin.
  3. Cold aromatherapy compress – To use as a compress to cool foreheads, back of the neck and soothe cramps, aches, and pains. Soaked in the massage blend before freezing.
  4. Clary sage essential oil: To inhale during deep contractions.
  5. Refreshing essential oil blend: To infuse the birthing room with uplifting, refreshing aroma.
  6. Peppermint foot balm: To massage feet and lower legs to ease cramps.
  7. Small hand towels to wrap frozen compress in, dry hands during water birth and in between massages.
  8. Flat packed cool bag and travel freezer packs to keep compresses and facial mist cold.

* Please consult a fully qualified aromatherapist before attempting to use essential oils during pregnancy or childbirth. I am qualified in aromatherapy and have treated my sister with essential oils for many years. These blends are suitable for her, to be used at specific stages of her labour under my direct supervision. Do not attempt to recreate these blends yourself without seeking professional advice.

Staying Connected

  1. Power charger – Charges smartphones when no power source is available. Contains up to 4 full charges.
  2. Regular phone charger.
  3. Camera charger and spare battery fully charged.
  4. Nikon with 24-70mm lens.
  5. iPad loaded with several birthing playlists to suit changing pace and emotions.

Make Yourself Comfortable

  1. Comfortable tops, underwear, and socks: As a water, birth is intended I thought it best to have a few changes of clothes in case of splashes.
  2. Comfortable shoes. – For travelling and potential walking and standing during active birth.
  3. Small first aid medicine kit – Preparing myself in case of headaches, backache, and stress related IBS.
  4. Micellar facial wipes – To clean and freshen up after a long day. Please don’t give me hate about these. I would never normally buy and use disposables but they are the most practical choice in this situation.
  5. Traditional Indian toothbrush – No water, toothpaste, rinsing or spitting required.
  6. Lipbalm – To combat dry, hospital air.
  7. Kindle and a book to keep me awake, keep my mind occupied and relaxed during travel and waiting around.

Keep your strength up

  1. Marinated tofu – My favourite brand is the Cauldron variety which comes in bite-size pieces and is easy to eat straight out of the packet.
  2. Homemade trail mix – Almonds, dark chocolate raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and Nakd coconut nibbles.
  3. Lazy day foods Belgian chocolate vegan tiffin – My favourite sweet treat.
  4. Decaf coffee.
  5. Chamomile and peppermint tea.
  6. Flat pack cool bag and travel freezer packs to keep tofu and drinks cold
  7. Not pictured but I’ll also be taking a few individual cartons of coconut water and soya milk.

Emotional Support

  1. Bach rescue remedy pastilles – Handy pastille form of the famous rescue remedy. Aids in stress relief and soothes nervous energy.
  2. A few sentimental items that symbolise maternal energy, inner strength and the circle of life. Handkerchiefs belonging to our late Nanna which I’m sure will come in useful for all those happy tears. I’m also planning on wearing our late Mams engagement ring as a visual reminder that she’s always with us.

My sister and her fiancé are taking everything they might need for themselves. This bag haul, other than the natural birthing aids I have made, is really just for me. It needs to have everything I might need for travel (My sister lives 75 miles away) and a day or so at the birthing suite. I’m assuming at some point I can buy fresh fruit and water if needed. I also have an overnight bag stashed at my sisters home with more spare clothes and all my toiletries. My sister has filled her pantry, fridge, and freezer full of vegan food and goodies. She’s the best.

Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything in the comments below.

Wish us luck. I’ll see you soon 🙂

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