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18th January 2017
Vegan 365 - Day three - Vegan Downer

Since turning vegan I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say, “I love animals… But” and then I stop listening and punch them in the throat. Just kidding, I’m checking your paying attention. πŸ˜‰ I really don’t mean to be a vegan downer but the excuses have to stop.

It seems as if there are as many reasons as people on the planet to use against becoming vegan. I know lots of genuinely lovely, caring, people yet THE one reason to go vegan seems to elude them all. Compassion.

You cannot claim to respect life whilst simultaneously paying for enslavement, torture and murder. That’s it. Period. Full stop. The end. Your appetite, traditions, morals, budget, circumstance, laziness, willingness to please, need to conform and dare I say even your religion do not preclude you from being compassionate. There I said it. It needed to be said.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not “one of THOSE Β vegans.” The ones refusing to eat at your table or hurling red paint at your car as you queue for McDonald’s drive thru. What I am is passionate, and fair. Mostly I’m just pissed at perfectly nice people hiding behind the “Mmmmmm bacon though.” mentality.

It’s possible you’re in the minority. You may not claim to be an animal lover. Maybe you could quite happily sit through the entire length of Earthlings and not give a shit. And maybe, just maybe you’re also a psychopath. Just saying.

As it goes I don’t believe you’re any of those things. You’re scared. You feel small and insignificant and powerless. If such atrocity was happening now in front of your face you would tear out your eyes and scream out your lungs to try to make it stop. I believe now you know how I feel.

The good news for you is that no-one said you had to be perfect. Well maybe a few silly people on You Tube but nobody listens to them. You do not have to wait until you’ve read every article on veganism. There’s no graduation ceremony and no secret handshake. You can choose to start now, as you are and learn as you go. Begin slowly or fiercely. Start with a meal, a day or a month. Just start.

There are many great resources at your disposal. More than there has ever been at any other time in history. People willing to help, to guide, to cheer you on or show you the way. Insignificant little blogs like this one are springing up every day. People with much to say and thoughts to share. People such as the lovely lot at Veganuary. Resources like One Green Planet. Talented, beautiful creations like Racing Extinction just waiting for you to come forward with an open, compassionate heart and say “I’m here, I’m ready.”

Compassion is not weakness. It’s not girly or childish. It shouldn’t be dismissed as airy fairy or resigned to the realm of hippies and hermits. At the very least it should be the standard by which we hold ourselves. You have within you the power to influence positive change in the world one day and one meal at a time. You have the power to be a superhero, why would you be anything less.

Mother Earth


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