The Secret Vegan Project

The secret vegan project continued

6th January 2015

So you’ll be pleased to hear I slept on it. Well more like I tossed and turned on it but you get the idea. Lets put it out there, into the ether and see how it goes.

Today is day one of ‘The Secret Vegan Project’. To be more accurate it’s day one of trying to become a bit more veganish than I was yesterday whilst all the time craving chocolate, but as honest as that may be it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Where is this coming from? Have I found religion? Is this a cry for help or am I jumping on the New Years resolution crazy train. Well no, no and maybe but let’s go with it for now.

The vegan idea has been coming up for me for a while over the past few months, quietly giving me a nudge nudge here and a wink wink there but I wasn’t listening, I wasn’t looking and I wasn’t ready. Then in a full on, in your face assault I discovered the documentary Earthlings by Nation Earth and in 1 hour, 35 minutes and 42 seconds the decision was made.

Image and content copyright: Earthlings by Nation Earth

Image and content copyright: Earthlings by Nation Earth

Looking back I think there has always been an inkling that a vegan diet would be right for me. As long as I can remember I’ve had a love for animals and a deep respect for nature. As a child I point-blank refused to drink milk past my weaning stage. The mere sniff of an egg turned my stomach and the action of chewing red meat would often make me nauseous. My mother was a huge believer in home cooking and shopping for fresh local produce at the market and as much as I loved our bonding time on these trips the sights and smells of the butchers shop would overwhelm me so totally that I had to wait up the street until she was done.

Over time my tastes changed and despite my promising start a lack of money and cooking skills led to a typical high fat, minimal effort, convenience food way of life that suited me for many years throughout my student days and well into my mid twenties.

A decade on, three four dress sizes either way, many weight loss plans, fad diets and a basic nutrition education later I arrive full circle, back to the truth I seemed to instinctively know as a child.Β Yet if I’m so sure this is what’s best for me then why the big secret? Well it’s not reallyΒ a secret I just need to get my own head around it first before I announce it to the world and be all TAAAAAA DAAAAAAAA!

So now you know and I’m glad its been said, it wasn’t as scary as all that. Now that skeleton is out of the closet maybe it’s finally time for me to begin dusting off the shelves ready for a reawakening and make room for cashew nut butter, or whatever crap it is that vegans eat?

Source: Earthlings

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