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  • Raw Food Roundup
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    Raw Food Roundup

    If you follow me on InstagramΒ @applefalltree you’ll know I’ve been busy creating and photographing raw food recipes inspired by legendaryΒ Raw Foodist, Kate Magic for her #epicmagicretreat contest. Although I wasn’t lucky enough to win…

    25th June 2015
  • Journal

    Waste not want not

    Leftovers are my thing. Raised as I was in a time and place were food was not to be wasted. Somewhere along the way I learned to look at them differently, the trimmings, the…

    5th May 2015
  • Journal


    “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips it turn.” ~ Hal Borland Despite the fact that the temperature is averaging around 10 degrees and we haven’t slept for the last two nights in a…

    2nd April 2015