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Silencing the Cheese Monster

30th June 2015
Tyne Chease

Sssshhhhhhh!Β Do you hear that…

No. Me either. The Cheese Monster, she is defeated!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve been searching for the answer to silencing the cheese monster within since turning vegan 6 months ago. There’s a good chance that as a vegan you’ll have the infamous cheese discussion at some point. You’ve most likely seen or scoffed at the sarcastic memes on Instagram or you may have decided completely against veganism based entirely on your personal cravings for cheese in all its forms.

The great news is I’m thrilled to announce that there is another way, you can have your cruelty free (cheese) cake and eat it. Enter the delicious dairy free creations from Tyne Chease. I first met two lovely ladies from Tyne Chease at this years Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival. Their stall had been placed deep in the airless underground crypt of the Leeds Town Hall in quite possibly the hottest spot in the building, but they were still smiling and after tasting a sample of their range I understood why.

Their 100% plant-based artisanal chease is handmade in the North East of England and is by far the best vegan cheese I’ve tried in my extensive search these last few months. As laden down as I was with all my purchases I couldn’t resist treating myself to a round of the smokey paprika and another of the soft, raw Macadamia. Whilst it’s not the cheapest option on the market when compared to the amount of money I’ve wasted on rubbery, inedible cheaper brands in my opinion its worth a little extra for the superior quality.

The smokey paprika was delicate and slightly sweet and though a little softer than expected worked perfectly when grated and stirred through a lentil bolognese but for me the biggest thrill is finding a crumbly, creamy, slightly sharp cheese delicious enough to eat cold, spread onto bread or crackers as part of a picnic lunch or cheese board which is exactly where the soft, raw Macadamia exceeds all expectations.

Despite the undeniable urge to eat both beautifully presented boxes in one sitting I managed to rein it in and freeze a few portions to use over the next few months so look out for those recipes and an update of this post as they appear on the blog.

If you’re looking to stop using your inner cheese monster as an excuse not to try going vegan or want a familiar, tasty and cruelty free alternative to dairy then check out Tyne Chease and silence the monster once and for all.

Tyne Chease

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