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Sign Up for Veganuary 2018

1st January 2018
Veganuary 2018 Sign Up

This month, thanks to Veganuary, I celebrate my 3-year Veganniversary. I went from omnivore to vegan virtually overnight. This year during Veganuary 2018 you can do the same.

Taking the Veganuary pledge in 2015 is the single greatest thing I’ve ever done for my holistic health and wellbeing. You can read a bit more here about my own Veganuary experience.

I’d never really considered going vegetarian, I didn’t know any other vegans in real life and I live in a tiny rural village, surrounded by farmland. I’m constrained by both logistics and budget when it comes to accessing any kind of vegan-friendly retail or restaurant services, yet here I am. I discovered Veganuary and the wealth of vegan bloggers, YouTubers, and everyday people out there that wanted me to succeed and the rest is history.

This January I’d love to return the favour. I pledge to support as many people as possible through their own veganΒ journey and beyond. Watch this quick run through to check out theirΒ fabulous websiteΒ and see how easy it is to sign up for Veganuary this year.

Sign up for Veganuary 2018

The dedicated team at Veganuary have created all the resources you may need to go vegan this year. Since 2014 their message has grown year on year and as a result, they are now very busy people. If you would like some extra hand-holdingΒ or one on one support I’ll be here all month, on the blog, YouTube or Instagram to answer your questions and guide you throughout your Veganuary 2018 pledge. Comment on one of my Veganuary posts with the words “I’m In” and I’ll give you a special shout out on YouTube in an upcoming Veganuary video.

Speak to you soon

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