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Rejuce – The new weapon against food surplus

31st March 2016

“Fugly fruit deserves love too.”

So sounds the battle cry of food waste activist Thomas Fletcher, founder of Rejuce. This fabulous social enterprise seeks to reduce the staggering 400,000 tonnes of perfectly edible, wasted fruit and vegetables which end up rotting in landfill each year by turning them into delicious freshly squeezed juices.

Since 2011 the small team at Rejuce have worked their way up from humble beginnings. Skip diving and hand juicing at all hours of the day and night has given way to producing thousands of litres of fresh, raw juice per year. But the waste just keeps on coming.

Rejuce – The new weapon against food surplus

Whilst the Rejuce team have gradually expanded to a small production kitchen based in Hackney Wick, East London it’s virtually impossible to keep up to the manual labour required to go from surplus fruit to delicious juice. Once the produce has been collected by their trusty milk float Eleanor it has to be meticulously sorted, washed, chopped and lifted into the juicers, all by hand.

So far they are three quartersΒ towards their goal of raising Β£10,000 to help fund essential upgrades to provide a washer lifter mill and mobile kitchen operation. With your help this new equipment will see their potential output skyrocket meaning lower running costs, less waste and a few bad backs saved in the process.

The vision for Rejuce is a big one but with the ever rising level of food condemned to landfill and local councils abandoning domestic food composting and recycling services can we really afford not to support those that are waging the war on waste.

You only have days left to get involved and show your support for this project so please visit the Crowdfunder campaign as soon as possible and share the message with friends, family and like-minded activists via social media.

The fugly fruit of the world thanks you.

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