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Raw Food Roundup

25th June 2015
Raw Food Roundup

If you follow me on InstagramΒ @applefalltree you’ll know I’ve been busy creating and photographing raw food recipes inspired by legendaryΒ Raw Foodist, Kate Magic for her #epicmagicretreat contest. Although I wasn’t lucky enough to win 1st prize to join her on her Raw Food immersion course in Costa Rica she was generous enough to offer runner-up prizes in praise of recognising the efforts of a few contestants (myself included.)

I’ve had a great time experimenting with raw food and discovered some inspirational creatives to follow and connect with over the coming months.Β Whilst I’m not planning to go fully raw I’ve certainly felt the health benefits of incorporating much more raw food into my daily diet. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of lightness after each meal and my usually over zealous appetite benefited from some much-needed portion control as I felt naturally satisfied by smaller portions. I plan on sharing some of my recipe attempts and behind the scenes on the blog shortly.

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