Protein Packed Pasta Sauce Recipe

3rd January 2018
Protein packed pasta sauce recipe

It’s day 3 of Veganuary, has it started to sink in yet?

This protein-packed pasta sauce recipe is full of creamy goodness and I use it on EVERYTHING from pasta to nachos. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s made from tofu or be afraid of the more unusual ingredients in this recipe. Each of the ingredients features in my top 5 pantry staples so you’ll get loads of use out of them in the days to come.

Top 5 Vegan Pantry Staples

  1. Nutritional Yeast with added B12: This stuff is LIFE. It looks weird, sounds weird and smells weird but I promise it will become your bestest yeasty friend. These savoury flakes of goodness can be sprinkled over everything and when stirred into a sauce give a tart, cheesy flavour reminiscent of parmesan. Buy it in bulk and you can thank me later.
  2. Dijon Mustard: I’d hardly ever used this until I went vegan and now I get through at least a jar a month. It adds a fiery tang to creamy sauces and salad dressings. I use it in scrambled tofu, stir it into risotto and whisk it up with houmous to make my go-to marinade for kale salad. The intensity varies by brand with some being sharper and hotter than others. Find the one you like and stock up.
  3. Black Salt / Kala Namak: This is one of the more unusual ingredients you’ll come across in vegan cooking but it’s definitely worth the extra effort to source it. It is a strong, sulfurous salt that gives dishes a distinctive eggy flavour that can’t be replicated with anything else. It’s best used in chickpea mash, tofu scramble, frittatas, and white sauces.
  4. Oat Milk: Oat milk is, without doubt, my favourite of all the plant milks. It offers a rich, creamy flavour I find lacking in other vegan milks. I also think it stands up as one of the best when heated so works well in porridge, lattes and creamy sauces. The chocolate version is my go-to treat and is amazing warmed up to make hot chocolate.
  5. Miso Paste: This deeply umami paste lends an intensity and depth that can be sometimes lacking in meat-free meals. It is a complex flavour which I’ve learned to develop a taste for over time. A little goes a long way and emerging supermarket own brands have helped bring down the price to make it a cost-effective store cupboard essential.

Protein Packed Pasta Sauce Recipe

Some of my top tips for using this easy, cheesy sauce include:

  • Lasagne, as the béchamel sauce layer.
  • Chilli, dolloped on top in place of sour cream.
  • Nachos, heated and drizzled over in place of cheese sauce.
  • Stroganoff, stirred through fried onions, mushrooms, and long grain rice.
  • Macaroni Cheese, add a squeeze of lemon and melt in a handful of grated vegan cheese.
  • In place of mayo, as a dip for chips, in salads, chickpea mash or sandwiches.

If you’re looking to buy the more unusual ingredients to make this sauce yourself you’ll find them at the links below.

Nutritional Yeast with added B12: 1 x 125g pack

Nutritional Yeast with added B12: 8 x 125g bulk buy packs

Black Salt / Kala Namak

These are all Amazon affiliate links so if you choose to buy through them you’ll be supporting the blog with a small financial compensation. Thanks so much.

Let me know in the comments below how Veganuary is going for you so far. Don’t forget to tag me @applefalltree on Instagram if you make and enjoy this protein-packed pasta sauce recipe.

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