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Hello, its lovely to meet you.

Lets get to know each other a bit better, I’ll go first…

You can find out a little more about me here but for now lets focus on the bits you might have missed so far.Β I started this blog as a way to journal my progress towards holistic health and happiness. The biggest step I’ve taken so far was deciding virtually overnight to make the switch from full on omnivore to vegan in January 2015. I Googled and Instagrammed and pinned my little heart out and soon realised that despite all the beautiful, inspiring and aspirational content out there things could also be confusing, overwhelming and downright intimidating.

My hope for this blog is to encourage a like-minded community of people just like you and me. The ones that would rather be throwing sticks for the dog than using them for selfies. The ones that keep showing up on our yoga mats despite not being able to touch our toes. The ones with hungry families to feed, socks that don’t match and an undeniable urge deep down to become a little better, a little fitter and a little happier every day. This space is for you, come in, pop the kettle on, loosen your bra, sit a while; you’ve earned it.

My secret vegan timeline so far goes something like this.









Calendar Moon - Veganuary

















How to veganise your diet with vegan meal planning.
















Vegans that lunch









The vegan that came to tea









How to survive the vegan/omni apocalypse








So now you’re all caught up and you’re still here which is FUNKTASTIC! (Real word)

I’m hoping to feature lots of useful bits n bobs so here’s an idea of the types of posts you can expect.

The Secret Vegan ProjectΒ is home to my ongoing vegan story, delicious recipes and your go to guide for helping you along you’re own journey towards vegan living.

My kind of people showcases people, businesses, projects, goodies and resources that are winning at this game called life and doing a grand old job of helping others thrive and grow.

UnmentionablesΒ will find me muttering under my breath or whispering behind closed doors about those aspects of attempting to live a holistic life that we don’t generally like to say out loud. (Disclaimer: Every chance that poop may come up)

Journal is where all you voyeurs will hang out. Here I’ll be talking on a more personal level, giving a behind the scenes look into my life as well as therapeutic journalling for my own sanity. Bad poetry and drunk blogging may not be avoidable.

Tested on MANimals features honest reviews and excitable ravings of cruelty free beauty finds, DIY remedies, beauty tips and ingredient features for the discerning beauties that you are.

Connect with me via the links. Add us to your Bloglovin feed so you’re sure not to miss a thing.

I cant wait to hear from you soon




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