My 1st attempt at a raw food recipe and why its epic/magic that the universe knows best

6th August 2015
My 1st attempt at a raw food recipe

I’ve been meaning to get around to posting my 1st attempt at a raw food recipe for a while now. Those of you that follow along on Instagram will know that I became inspired to try my hand at raw food when I entered the #epicmagicretreat contest run by raw foodist Kate Magic and Amber Zuckswert, founder of Epic Living Retreats.

Funnily enough as I barely find the time to write about my fledgling raw experience Kate and her students will be heading off to Costa Rica to begin their raw food certification training any day now. Despite the fact that I uncooked my little heart out and pretty much let the housework pile up and the boys starve whilst I spent the best part of a month focusing on taking my raw food and photography to the next level; winning the trip to Costa Rica was not to be.

I really wanted it. To win, to travel, to immerse. To remind myself of the independent, free-spirited child of the earth I know I am within if not always without. I did everything right. I sent my intentions out into the universe. I flexed my manifesting muscles to the max. I researched every possible combination of connecting flights and booked my holidays at work to coincide with the dates of the retreat. I got all my paperwork in order to renew my lapsed passport and told anyone who’d listen that I would be retreating to Costa Rica for August. Like a boss.

My go to virtual guru on all things manifesting Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of “Lucky Bitch”, has taught me the importance of walking my talk and sending out the right vibes. What I want is already mine. This thing already happened, I just need to focus and hustle until the universe catches up. So focus and hustle I did. What I couldn’t foresee, as I consoled myself with one raw cheesecake too many, was that the Universe was way, way ahead in making sure I’m exactly where I need to be, right here, right now.

As it turns out on the exact day that the raw food retreat is due to begin my four-legged fur baby Star will be undergoing an emergency operation to remove a cancerous mast cell tumour on her foreleg. The very same puppy paw that appears above in my first ever raw food photo. Talk about synchronicity.

This is huge. If you know me then you know my dogs are my family and my family is my life. The pups (as they will forever be known) were born 5 days after the sudden death of my father and were my constant source of comfort and inner healing at a time when I needed it the most. As a family we’ve changed jobs, moved houses, foregone holidays abroad and sacrificed the best part of our finances and social lives to ensure the happiness and well-being of Star and Luna and ultimately of ourselves.

So whilst I was lamenting the fact that my passport no longer needed renewing unbeknown to me I was replacing the expense and stress that comes with International solo travel with the only kind that matters. The pulling out the stops, doing all that needs to be done, not going down without a fight type of stress reserved for the select few in your inner circle. The ones that mean the world, the ones around which it all revolves.

When I started my novice journey into the world of raw foods a mere few months ago little did I know that the delicious, easy raw food recipes like my 1st attempt at Broccoli Dip would be the least important thing I would learn. Rather I would be humbled and knocked sideways by all that I’ve discovered about myself, about making every day matter and about trusting all that guides me through this crazy wonderful life.

The next few weeks will be hard. It will be a time of sleepless nights and pain and the unknowing. But from this there will also be peace and loving and healing and the hope of making the most of the days that follow. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t trade that for all the bananas in Costa Rica.

Star and Luna

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  • Reply Karen Cogley 6th August 2015 at 10:27 pm

    Funny how someone, somewhere always knows what’s best for us! Xxxxxx

    • Reply Michelle @ Apple fall tree 17th August 2015 at 6:02 pm

      I know. I totally agree. I’m exactly where I need to be. Hindsight is a beautiful thing xxx

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