The Secret Vegan Project

A little help from my (Veganuary) friends

19th January 2015
Calendar Moon - Veganuary

The reality of my latest revelation aka The secret vegan project is starting to sink in and I’m quickly feeling like I might be in over my head. In an effort to get started I gathered together all my vegan girlfriends and we braided each other’s hair while swapping tofu recipes and anointing each other with patchouli oil…

Meanwhile just back from Pinterestland.

In other words I did what any sane person looking at changes 30+ years of ingrained habit would do, I totally lost my shit. Cue a Google frenzy of every big scary question that came to me while my newly adopted mantra looped internally WTF. WTF. WTF. W.T.F!

Thankfully after only a couple of panic-stricken hours I came across Β the concept of Veganuary which turned out to be a totally fabulous website designed to encourage you one baby step at a time along the veganish path.Β The Vegan Myths section is especially helpful and has given me tons of confidence to answer, deflect or otherwise cope with the well-meaning questions I’m expecting once I come out of the vegan closet, so to speak.

It appears I’m now more than a secret vegan, I’m a secret vegan in training and I have a plan. Which is kind of scary.


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