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Kitchen Dance Party

30th January 2017

I’ll be honest, right here and now,Β I’m not dancing. After a weekend of the stomach flu I’m all out of shimmy. With barely enough energy or inclination to feed myself, let alone get my groove on, up until an hour ago I was entirely convinced this post would not happen. But here it is, I’m stubborn like that. So with little enthusiasm for anything else I’d like to present my Β favourite Spotify kitchen dance party playlists. Crank it up and I’ll meet you for a boogie just as soon as my dancing feet will carry me.

Kitchen Dance Party

Myhsas Ruin

Boho Festival

Mojitos at Sundown

Where Other People Are Not

Running With Direwolves

Tarleys Redemption

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes peek into my kitchen disco shenanigans. Share your playlist favourites in the comments below.

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