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I choose what I use

2nd August 2015
I choose what I use

Sunday Spaaaahh day. I’m finally getting around to using some of the goodies I picked up from I choose what I useΒ at The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival.

I treated myself to a deliciously soft bamboo soap pouch perfect for gentle exfoliation with the friendly soap Cocoa Butter facial cleansing bar.

The sisal soap bag is a fab way to stimulate blood flow to my lumpy bits whilst using up the odds and ends of solid soap bars that usually go to waste or slip down the plughole.

Speaking of waste, my new bamboo toothbrush feels good in my mouth and in my heart. Reducing environmental impact by not contributing to the 5 billion plastic toothbrushes dumped into landfill and making their way into the oceans worldwide every year.

True beauty should be kind to the earth as well as to your skin.

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