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  • YouTube Videos Title screen

    Vegan YouTube Recipe Videos

    Do you ever get a feeling you just can’t shake? A sensation of needing to be somewhere or do something but every time you turn your brain towards identifying it or giving it a…

    6th April 2017
  • My 39 year old self

    My 39 year old self

    I was 15 years old when my mam turned 39. The year was 1993 and life was all about me. I don’t remember what we did that day, or how she celebrated but I…

    2nd March 2017
  • Love letter to a new vegan

    Love Letter to a New Vegan

    My dearest new vegan, I’ve watched you from afar for some time now. It’s no coincidence that I chose today, the day of love, to share my feelings with you. Do you remember the…

    14th February 2017
  • The Vegan 365 - Day 1

    The vegan 365 – Day One

    Its 7pm and by now I’m sick of it. The charming newsreader announces for what seems like the umpteenth time that today is affectionately known as “Blue Monday.” Scientists have calculated that the post…

    16th January 2017
  • Start with 1 thing

    Start with 1 thing

    January is the perfect time to make a difference. Let’s all vow to start with 1 thing, share it with the world and keep on doing it until it feels normal. Then move onto…

    31st December 2015
  • My first vegan Christmas

    My first vegan Christmas

    I’ll admit I had high hopes for my first vegan Christmas. I don’t simply mean getting an impressive meal to the table before tears, tantrums or tipsy occurs. I’m talking full on hand crafted,…

    22nd December 2015
  • Tales of September: Legacy

    Tales of September: Legacy

    I find more and more these days that when I open my mouth to speak, it’s the voice of my mother I hear. Today is one of those days. “Where did this month go?”…

    30th September 2015
  • Great Yorkshire Vegan

    The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2015

    It’s finally here. The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2015 is almost upon us and I’m so excited to pop my vegan cherry that I bought a new outfit just for the occasion. This will…

    11th June 2015
  • Journal

    Waste not want not

    Leftovers are my thing. Raised as I was in a time and place were food was not to be wasted. Somewhere along the way I learned to look at them differently, the trimmings, the…

    5th May 2015
  • Journal

    Somewhere between Friday and Monday

    Somewhere between Friday and Monday I made a conscious, determined decision to thrive rather than survive. It’s not the first time and I’m pretty sure it wont be the last but for now at…

    28th April 2015
  • Journal


    “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips it turn.” ~ Hal Borland Despite the fact that the temperature is averaging around 10 degrees and we haven’t slept for the last two nights in a…

    2nd April 2015