About Me

Hello, I’m Michelle.

I’m a wife, stepmother, orphan and secret vegan.

I live in the beautiful countryside in Lancashire U.K with my husband David, my stepson Sam and our four-legged furry babies Star and Luna; so now when I say “We” you know who’s who.

By the age of 32 I was the oldest surviving member of my immediate family after losing my parents and grandparents to disease and premature degeneration. For years I surrendered to the stories I told myself. They began to manifest themselves into reality, my body weighed down with the burden of grief began to ache and tire. I succumbed to fatigue, weight gain, regular infections, injuries and chronic pain. I accepted it as my birthright, after all as my father used to say, “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

The creation of this blog is a positive step towards living the truth that I now choose for myself every day. Through regular yoga, restorative self-care, letting go of beliefs that no longer serve me and a conscious decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle I’m making it my personal mission to show that however our roots are formed we each have it in us to heal, grow and thrive. Apple Fall Tree is a place to share the things I’ve learned on my journey and the things I’m making up as I go along. A place to nurture my nature whilst promoting holistic health and happiness through vegan food, photography and self-love.

Besides a place to share my story I hope to fill this space with luscious vegan recipes tempting enough for everyone. Natural healing, cruelty free beauty and relaxation discoveries and encouraging ways to bring self-love, energy, movement and strength to our bodies. All brought to life through my creative roots in photography.

The world is an infinitely smaller place than it has ever been before. If just one other person can be healed, uplifted and encouraged by what they find here then this blog will have worked its magic.

On any given day when I’m not eating, cooking, writing or creating I can be found dancing in the kitchen with my love, walking the countryside with our fluffy four-legged babies or watching tv boxsets in my onesie.

Or you can find me here…


Michelle XxX

P.S. New Reader? Lets get you up to speed.