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A season of healing

23rd August 2015
A week of...Healing

A season of healing

This month with a poorly puppy still on the mend we’re focusing on healing in its many forms.

Stars tumour has been graded at a stage 2, not the best news but certainly not the worst. The site of the tumour excision is still very vulnerable and at risk of impaired healing so the total bed rest rule is still very much in force, despite the big girl having other ideas.

In related news we’re also well into our third week of a local drinking water crisis which has seen over 300,000 homes and millions of gallons of water affected by the presence of a microbial parasite. Being so unaccustomed to the inconvenience of having to boil all our drinking water has brought up a mixture of issues for me, not least how thankful I am to be so fortunate day-to-day. On a more personal note it’s also forced me to re-connect with all I know about the healing powers of water and take a long hard look at improving my hydration habits.

  • This week I’m re-reading “The True Power of Water.” by Masaru Emoto. I first discovered this book a decade ago but still feel drawn to the stunning visual representations of the effect that external factors such as geographical location, music, words, thoughts and prayer have on water molecules.
  • It may be a little early to think about retirement but if you’re searching for a place to live out the simple life then the Greek island of Ikaria where people forget to die and cancers disappear might not be a bad place to call home. The locals attribute their health and longevity in part to their diet of herbal tea, heavy Ikarian bread and local wine and also to their slow-paced, sociable lifestyle and daily afternoon naps. Sounds like heaven.
  • What better way to work through a season of healing than playing around with 365 days of art journal prompts.
  • Join in the free 30 Day meditation Challenge over at Do You Yoga. A months worth of simple, short guided meditations to help you discover the healing powers of meditation.
  • Speaking of yoga this beautiful sequence by Anna Guest-Jelley founder of Curvy Yoga, with its focus on compassion and meeting your needs, cannot fail to promote self- love and healing to novice and experienced yogis alike.
  • We all know that true health and well-being doesn’t come in the form of a fad diet or quick fix. I’m much more open to the concepts of how, rather than what you’re eating having a huge influence on our vitality and healing. These principles of The Yoga diet reflect the way our diet can intrinsically link with our lifestyle to have a greater impact on our whole being.
  • I find myself these past few weeks being drawn back to my Reiki practice, something I’m sad to admit I’d lost touch with for the past few years. My sister and I received our first attunement together over a decade ago and it was an experience of a lifetime for which I’m truly grateful to have received. Over the years I’ve read and experienced a lot about Reiki that didn’t sit right with me but this lovely article on Reiki for beginners sums up everything I feel is pure and true about working with healing energy.

Happy healing. Namaste xxxΒ 

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