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A season of rain

1st March 2016
A season of rain

Taking into account the Winter we’ve had I’m well within the realms of reality to rename this post “A year of rain” without blinking a sodden eyelid. In short, this year more so than usual, Winter in the U.K has been miserable. And wet.

Whilst miserable and wet aren’t the first things to spring to mind when planning an enticing blog post I like to keep things honest so here we are. Looking for a way to gently ease the energy levels back up after the annual slump. Waiting for a break in the weather just long enough to take a walk and appreciate the fledgling signs of the approaching new season. Devising ever more elaborate ways of disguising the smell of wet dog.

A glimpse into the Indian village of Kannauj where the ancient perfumeries harness the Β power of the regions monsoons to capture and bottle the ever-changing scent of the rain.

When its Dark and Stormy I prefer to beΒ Where other people are not. Listening to my two most played Spotify playlists these past few weeks.

My reading preferences of late have also veered towards the sombre and turbulent. Just when I feared I couldn’t take another deluge I was thrilled to come across The Siren Suicides trilogy by fantasy writer Ksenia Anske. Just like that my own battle with the elements faded into oblivion as I was swept up into a tale of dysfunctional love, teenage suicide and seductive sirens. Ksenia offers all her books as free downloads direct from her site but I encourage those that can to invest whatever you can afford in this wonderful author.

The major downside to living in a rural village is the necessity for sensible footwear and dressing for the persistently muddy, waterlogged, country terrain whenever I leave the house. Although I’ve discovered these fabulously sturdy rain/hiking/snow boots by Vegetarian Shoes a bit late in the season I’ll definitely be adding them to my wish list before the years end.

Last year saw us replace our labour intensive, water hungry lawn with a mini wildlife garden and container pond. I’m all for anything that encourages more environmentally and wildlife friendly alternative gardens. Those of us used to battling the U.K seasons may benefit from the concept of incorporating rain gardens into our urban landscapes. This movement has the potential to make a big impact not only on improving the appearance of our outdoor spaces but in terms of reducing surface water levels and harmful, polluted water run off which affects and damages native aquatic plants, animals and micro climates.

When all else fails and you can’t beat them, join them. When you can no longer binge watch TV box sets and hide away from the outside world get wrapped up and throw yourself wholeheartedly into nature. Girlish squealing optional.

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