Ultimate vegan tapas picnic

    6th September 2016
    Ultimate vegan tapas picnic

    As the official end of this years disappointing Summer fast approaches I’m looking back fondly on our time in the Isle of Wight. Depressingly, Easter in the South turned out to be nicer than the whole of our Summer here in the North combined.

    Not one to be defeated by the elements I’m sharing my ultimate vegan tapas picnic inspiration. I’m also dreaming of our return to the Isle of Wight, which will hopefully be next year. Even more hopefully will be permanent one day 😉

    This doesn’t really fall into the realm of a recipe as other than my Patatas Bravas Linda style all the other elements are quick and easy supermarket finds. With little to no preparation or cooking involved this makes a great impromptu indoor or outdoor option.

    All of the items here with the exception of the Foccacia (Tesco) were purchased at Lidl. Unfortunately due to seasonal fluctuations I’ve been unable to source some of the items from Lidl since returning home. Variations of each item are widely available in most supermarkets.

    Using leftovers from the recipe above meant that this whole picnic came together in 20 minutes, with help from the boys for unpacking, prepping and plating up etc.

    Ultimate vegan tapas picnic

    • Patatas Bravas Linda style – Oven reheated leftovers for 10 minutes
    • Tomato and olive foccacia – Oven heated for 10 minutes
    • Wholemeal pitta breads – Oven heated 5 minutes
    • Aubergine in tomatoes – Pan heated 5 minutes
    • Sticky cashew butter rice – One packet of whole grain micro rice, pan heated for 5 minutes with 1 Tbsp cashew butter and 1 Tbsp of lime pickle
    • Stuffed vine leaves – Straight from pack
    • Lemon and garlic olives – Straight from pack
    • Marinated wild mushrooms – Drained from pack
    • Marinated butter beans in oil – Drained from pack
    • Sunblush tomatoes and chilli – Straight from pack
    • Caramelised onion hummous – Straight from pack
    • Piccollo vine tomatoes – Washed
    • Baby cucumbers – Washed
    • Living salad – Washed
    • Celery – Washed
    • Avocados – Mashed with juice of 1 lime, salt, pepper and 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast

    I hope this gave you a few ideas for what to include in your next vegan picnic. As you can see everything above came together quickly and easily and is equally delicious served hot or cold.

    This could easily work for an evening meal of tapas with friends that feels a bit special with minimum effort required. The amounts above served three hungry explorers with plenty of leftovers.

    I would love to hear your vegan picnic must have in the comments below. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @applefalltree in your own luscious indoor/outdoor picnic creations.

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