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    Wicked Kitchen: Vegan Ready Meal Taste Tests

    12th February 2018

    Unless you’ve been in hiding since the new year you must have heard by now about the new Tesco range of vegan meals. Tesco, in collaboration with Wicked Healthy, has released a range of vegan ready meals, sandwiches, salad bowls, and wraps across 600 stores in the U.K. Launched this January, just in time for Veganuary, the new range is part of the ever-growing vegan movement we are seeing making its way into mainstream supermarkets.

    After hearing lots of talk on social media, both positive and negative, I decided to see what all the fuss is about. I focused on the main meals and taste tested quite a selection. The range has everything from pizzas to curries with all main meals priced at £4. I give you a detailed, close up of exactly what’s in the box, no Photoshop, no styling just an honest, unbiased review rating each meal out of 10.

    Wicked Kitchen Taste Tests Intro

    Wicked Kitchen Teriyaki Noodle Taste Test

    Wicked Kitchen BBQ Butternut Mac Taste Test

    Wicked Kitchen Curried Cauli Taste Test

    Wicked Kitchen Naked Burrito Taste Test

    Wicked Kitchen Gunpowder Potato Taste Test

    Wicked Kitchen Pasta & Amazeballs Taste Test

    Wicked Kitchen Caponata Pizza Taste Test

    Wicked Kitchen Taste Test Finale

    All in all, I’ve been extremely impressed with everything I’ve tried in the range so far. These ready meals are unlike anything previously available in mainstream supermarkets in the U.K. I highly recommend you give them a try and show your support for readily available, tasty vegan options.

    Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the range. If you’ve not got your hands on these yet which you’d like to try?

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